P7 – ø4.2 Dental Implant

High pitch, slightly aggressive implant, designed specially for immediate loading with platform shift and internal hex connection.

– Internal hex
– Excellent primary stability
– Immediate loading
– Premium surface


Available sizes

  ø 4.2
6mm +
(Ref: M02426)
8mm +
(Ref: M02428)
10mm +
(Ref: M024210)
11,5mm +
(Ref: M024211)
13mm +
(Ref: M024213)
16mm +
(Ref: M024216)

Drilling procedures

Internal Hexagon

Internal hexagon provides
perfect implant-abutment connection.


High Pitch

Higher pitch allows for the implants to cut deeper
into the bone and thus achive great primary stability.


Bone Collector

The Bone Collector enables preservation of bone that
has been cut during the self-tapping of the implant during the surgery.