On behalf of our entire and friendly team – SGS Dental Implant System – wish to kindly report about the 21th edition of the UAE International Dental Conference & Arab Dental Exhibition – AEEDC Dubai 2017 which was larger than any other before.
This event is the most effective platform providing presence for companies in dental field came from different part of the world.
Moreover it undoubtedly plays major role in whole MENASA region thanks to participants and visitors, level of exhibition, educational programmes and business networking.
This year AEEDC occupied total of 8 halls, more than 2.200 exhibitors between them us, SGS Dental Implant System as well.

Our team this year has focused on education of our partners, doctors and organized during the whole exhibition – between 7-9th February 2017 an excellent event:
SGS Dental International Educational Course 2017 – Dubai.
Free courses, held by international-level opinion-leader doctors three time per day were unique opportunities for everyone as participants had chance obtain exact new knowledge not only from SGS Dental Implant System, but related extremely interesting topics of dentistry and implantology as well.
After courses they could discuss and change their minds with lecturers, in addition at very useful hands-on courses they worked together with opinion-leaders.
Lecturers and participants had come from a lot of countries not only from MENASA region, but from all over the world.
Herewith SGS Dental Implant System with to cordially thanks both to all lecturers, distributors, partners and participants their huge work, kind presence and nice collaboration!

Hopefully from this great event at our stand everybody raised experience, made excellent contacts, learned a lot, including new techniques, and we sincerely trust meeting All of You next year in Dubai as well!